Bits Wall 188500

Decorative wall panel, molded polyester fiber sound-absorbing core covered with Europost fabric
Europost 2 standard options: 45/68030 green, 40/68035 light green, 35/63016 orange, 33/64009 dark pink, 80/60999 black, 25/66116 blue, 60/60000 off-white, 67/60003 light grey, 48/67066 turquoise, 22/66118 bright blue, 23/66119 grey blue or 67/60016 dark grey.

Size, triangular: 22.6" wide, 20" high, 3.9 thick

Notes: The panels are mounted on a hidden rail, the panels can be hung vertically or horizontally.
Additional cost for Europost in non-standard colors +15% minimum of 10 pieces. Less than 10 pieces, additional cost of +30%.Non-standard Europost colors may be found at: and other textiles are not available on Bits Wall

To Specify: 188500 000 XX
Bits Wall panel 22.6" x 20", specify Europost color

COM Fabric YDS = 0.00
COL Leather SF = 0.00



Designer: Anya Sebton

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